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Low Cost Cruises - Great Sensations For Groups


Lisbon, Belém, Cascais


Come and see Belém, Oeiras, Cascais, Parque das Nações and all the Tejo Estuary in a new perspective: leave Terra Firma and watch it from the sea. The Estoril sands or the typical old villages of the south side of the river.

The Tejo Estuary is a never ending source of pleasant places to sale along, escaping the daily grind, away from the stress of the big city, just looking for a sheltered place to anchor and have lunch on board.


All this gliding smoothly on our sailboats, without any noise or pollution.

Departures from "Doca de Sto Amaro" (under "25 de Abril" Bridge).

Prices for 7 px - 2 hours: 175 € (*); 4 hours: 280 €; 8 hours: 450 €.


(*) 5 € temporary discount: final price of 170 € including on Vouchers.