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Lisbon, Belém, Cascais


Come and see Belém, Oeiras, Cascais, Parque das Nações and all the Tejo Estuary in a new perspective: leave Terra Firma and watch it from the sea. The Estoril sands or the typical old villages of the south side of the river.

The Tejo Estuary is a never ending source of pleasant places to sale along, escaping the daily grind, away from the stress of the big city, just looking for a sheltered place to anchor and have lunch on board.

All this gliding smoothly on our sailboats, without any noise or pollution.

All our cruises are private to 1 group only. We never join other participants.

Departures from "Doca de Sto Amaro" (under "25 de Abril" Bridge).

Prices for up to 5 px - 2 hours: 150 €; 4 hours: 260 €; 8 hours: 480 €.

Prices for 6/7 px - 2 hours: 195 €; 4 hours: 350 €; 8 hours: 590 €.